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Key and value management with the most secure technologies
The ProxerSafe® system has been created to keep keys, devices, instruments or documents safe, and manage them in a supervised, authorized and online traceable way. KeySafe Lock® and ProxerSafe Smart intelligent safety cabinets can keep car keys, meeting room and office keys safe, while ProxerSafe Box cabinets can hold documents, smart devices or even tools and instruments, opening the boxes only for those who are entitled for it. ProxerNet® KeySafe management software helps administrators to manage their cabinets in real time, grant and revoke rights per user or per key/ box, and check the logs anytime and anywhere with Internet connection.
  • Intelligent, secure, managed and supervised storage
  • User, key and access rights administration
  • RFID proximity card, PIN code, and/or optional fingerprint opening
  • The cabinet can be opened only with authorized ID, access is fully monitorable
  • No requirement for network connection or PC
  • Can be connected to a PC via Ethernet (Wi-Fi) for advanced management: logs, reservations
  • Multiple cabinet key management, centralized network
  • Recordable data: person, time, keys
  • Define access rights to users individually, can be given and withdrawn by keys /boxes, via Internet also
  • Management software of ProxerNet, which can integrated with e.g. access control, time-attendance, etc.
KeySafe Lock and ProxerSafe is Ideal For:
Vehicle Fleet Management
Restricting access to comply with insurance, safety and training requirements. Driving licensing validity, vehicle mileage and fault logging. Roaming keys are identified at which ever cabinet location they are returned to.
Building Management
Keys remain a vital part of any security solution yet their importance is often overlooked. Knowing quickly who, when and where they are means you are always in control and keys are accounted for.
Equipment Management
Optimize your stock of work equipment and secure their availability. The use of devices is logged precisely, so you can better plan the amount and their use.
GDPR Data file security
Keep you secure files and documents in a safe, managed filing cabinet. You can give right to your employee to open the drawers, give and withdraw access to the secret documents. Fire proof safes are also available.
  • Automotive businesses
  • Airports
  • Car sharing
  • Corporate Building
  • Corrections
  • Data Centers
  • Education
  • Fleet Management
  • Gaming
  • Government and Military
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Municipal buildings