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KeySafe Lock
intelligent, safety key cabinets
The KeySafe Lock is an intelligent safety key cabinet, which can be opened only by personal RFID proximity transponder, or by fingerprint identification, optionally. The cabinet is able to run independently through its touchscreen operated, embedded industrial computer. A cabinet connected to network can be controlled remotely, setting who is allowed to take which keys, when and for how long.
The KeySafe Lock does not allow to take any keys, just those, which the person is entitled for. More cabinets can be connected to a single data cable, monitored and managed with the ProxerNet KeySafe Management Software (a Windows application running on a PC), and integrated into a building management system as well.
  • Intelligent, safety key rack
  • Automatic, bolt-locked RFID key holder plugs
  • Online-offline communication
  • Industrial PC with touchscreen
  • Built-in LEDs to show the closed/ opened status
  • The cabinet door can be opened only with an authorized RFID proximity card or PIN
  • Entitlement can be given and withdrawn by keys
  • RFID proximity technology
  • ProxerNet building monitoring and management software, KeySafe module
  • Robust steel case
  • E-mail on the movements of the keys
  • Silent (email) or sound alarm at timeout
  • Wi-Fi communication
  • Identification with fingerprint reader technology
  • Key capacity according to the real needs, expandable cabinets
  • Mounting options per request
  • Safety glass, metal cabinet door, or cabinet with no external door
  • IP65, brushed steel design
  • Integration into existing access control systems
  • Breathalyzer – letting key plugs out only at negative result
  • Branding and design as per Client’s needs
  • Cabinets in different spots can make one integrated system
  • Key and value storage functions integrated into one system

The GUI (touch screen software)

ProxerNet, the software for PC



Built-in to a safe