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ProxerNet software KeySafe modul
ProxerSafe and KeySafe Lock cabinets can be easily managed remotely with the ProxerNet software KeySafe module. Either cabinets with key holder plugs or ones with separate boxes and drawers can be managed in real time, authorization can be set and removed, keys can be renamed, new user can be added, or existing ones removed, logs can be checked, and reservations can be followed up in a simple way.
  • The safety cabinets can be connected to remote computer via Ethernet, logs can be extracted, filtered and exported
  • Easy user management
  • Easy key management
  • Handling bunch of keys, subkeys
  • Vehicles – ignition key management
  • Wi-Fi communication is also a possibility
  • Multiple safety cabinets can be managed as one system
  • „Where is my key?” function is available among all the cabinets of the system
  • It can be integrated with existing systems, like access control system
  • Easily operates together with other modules of the ProxerNet software
  • Reservations can be made for keys
  • Time limits can be set
  • Sending alerts can be set
  • Database import, like importing the employee database and existing card numbers to the cabinet at system launch
  • Operation settings e.g. request for entering mileage when putting back the car key