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The ProxerSafe System
The ProxerSafe system has been created to keep keys, devices, instruments or documents safe, and manage them in a supervised, authorized and online traceable way.
Do you wish to keep keys safe and in a traceable way?
If the task is to keep keys safe, then the safety key cabinet is the best choice. The keyring plugs can hold smaller objects too, – laced on the keyring – like RF controllers, remote controls.
By default, the safety key cabinet identifies the person and the key as well. In consequence, services based on the identification of the keys can be offered, like finding a key, reserving a key, attachment of a key, alarm set for not returned keys, person cannot leave the building till returning the key, etc. The safety key cabinet with RFID key plugs is able to register the set of keys and keep and register smaller objects latched on the keyring. The vandal-proof keyring prevents unauthorized access.
For further details, please check KeySafe Lock and ProxerSafe Smart cabinets.
Do you wish to keep documents, devices, tools safe and manage them in a supervised, authorized way?
With the distinct types of ProxerSafe Boxes controlled and tracked value storage is possible in a flexible way.
ProxerSafe Box cabinets open only with personal RFID proximity card (transponder) or/and with a PIN code, optionally fingerprint identification. Users can open only those boxes which they are entitled for.
The system logs which box has been opened, by who and when.
Boxes may hold car keys (RFID key holder plug can be integrated into boxes) and documents, smart devices (chargers can be included), spare parts and tools of common use. Controlled drug storage and weapon storage are also possible; while larger systems can be built-up too, like PO Box systems and luggage storage systems.
For more information, please check ProxerSafe Box cabinets and properties.
Do you need key racks AND value storage boxes as well?
Choose the tailor-made ProxerSafe Combo cabinets, which integrate key holder modules and box modules of large variety.
Online or offline?
ProxerSafe and KeySafe Lock cabinets can be easily managed remotely with the ProxerNet software KeySafe module. Either cabinets with key holder plugs or ones with separate boxes and drawers can be managed in real time, authorization can be set and removed, keys can be renamed, new user can be added, or existing ones removed, logs can be checked, and reservations can be followed up in a simple way.
Cabinets can be also managed via their touch-screen operated integrated PC, so in case of network outage cabinets will keep on operating and can be managed on the spot with the administrator rights.
Read more on the software at the ProxerNet software KeySafe module part.
Integrating into a building management, access control or attendance system?
Yes, that is possible too. You may either wish to use your existing access cards and RFID tags or need a more complex solution, we are ready to assist you.
ProxerSafe and KeySafe Lock cabinets can be easily connected to fire alarm system, and in case of emergency the cabinet door unlocks, and any key can be taken (though logged).